Custom Hydraulic Hoses and more...

Strassel’s Automotive has been specializing in providing quality hydraulic hose services at competitive prices for more than 25 years.

Strassel's has established a reputation as a reliable provider of express hose replacement services in Banks, Oregon. Doing business in this rural community has given our company the opportunity to support and provide hydraulic hoses to a wide industry  ranging from logging , construction, forestry, farming, industrial, manufacturing, trucks, buses, automotive and many custom applications.

Our ability to serve our customers on the spot coupled with the wide variety of inventory we hold on site keeps many of our fellow companies and businesses moving along in their daily operations. Strassel’s knows that when your equipment goes down from something as simple and small as a hydraulic hose failure it can be costing you massive amounts of time and money for that day. Because Strassel’s creates custom hydraulic hoses for you while you wait; often times the impact to fellow businesses is kept minimal.

With high quality products, we keep a large hydraulic inventory selection with a wide variety of hose, couplings, adapters and fittings onsite to make sure we can complete your repair and get you or your company back moving again. Although nobody could possibly carry every conceivable variation of hoses and couplers our parts in stock covers over 95% of hose needs that have ever walked in the door. If a custom hose application is needed whether it is hydraulic, air, industrial etc. and we do not have your parts in stock we can usually get it to you by the next day. At Strassel’s we understand the need for urgency and efficiency when something as small and simple as a hose can hold up the entire operation of your company. Whether it's hydraulics, specialized assemblies, industrial or rigid tubing,  Strassel’s is well equipped to provide you with timely, quality service.

With our vast selection of quality hose and fittings, our ability to special order for your specific needs, topped with our knowledgeable staff, there is not a better place in Oregon or the greater Pacific Northwest to get your products.



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