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Mike Strassel, started his career as a mechanic by attending college at P.C.C. where he acquired his ASE certification. He obtained his first job working at Royal Moore Dealership in Hillsboro, Oregon in the early 1970's. After putting in his time he decided that the local community and area where he grew up, Washington County, deserved and needed a qualified mechanic to fit their needs. Strassel’s Automotive was established in 1977 as a mobile automotive repair service. He carried all his tools and equipment to wherever the customer needed his services. During this time he created a respected reputation for himself with the farming, logging and general population community’s.

Strassels's Automotive 276 Sunset Ave. Banks, OR 97106

In 1981 Strassel’s Automotive purchased a piece of land in Banks, Oregon and built the current standing and operating automotive garage. As the automotive repair business grew, the need for hydraulic repair and regular hose needs in the local community was realized. There were limited companies supporting these needs and they were located far from the local customers. From then on Strassel’s Automotive has become a vital business in the community serving as a full-service automotive repair shop and also carries a large inventory of Hydraulic hose supplies to create whatever application may be needed.

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